Tyler Candle - 22.0 oz Jar

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Tyler Candle 22 oz Jars

Tyler Candles 22 oz jars have a long-lasting burn time of 110 to 130 hours. Customers enjoy buying the 22 oz jars to individually scent different rooms in their homes.

Some of the more popular Tyler Candle scents for the 22 oz. Jars are Pineapple Crush and Warm Sugar Cookie. Pineapple Crush is great in the summer for a refreshing fruity scent while Warm Sugar Cookie is great for the kitchen with it's warm fresh baked cookie smell.

Burn Time: 110-130 hours

Tyler Candle Company
Product Origin:
Made in the USA


Burn Time / # Wicks:
110-130 Hours / 2 Wick
This High Maintenance candle is Life
My goodness the smell is AMAZING
A must have
I hate anything described as 'sexy'. But this is definitely a candle to burn in your home for a romantic evening. I would put this in a spicy/Orientale
category if it were a parfum.
I absolutely love the Diva fragrance. I usually by the 22 oz candles or the leopard glass 16 oz candles. I was wondering why both of these hardly ever go on sale, and why don't you make a refill for the 16oz candle? I hate tossing the beautiful glass in the trash can.
Love your candles. My entire house smells good when I light a candle. Love Fleur De Lis!!
This is the first candle I've found that I can smell the fragrance throughout the room. This is what candles should do!
I LOVE the Katrina scent for my wash and EVERYTHING! I stay stocked and buy as gifts for all my girls!!
Sooo good omg. Every candle! Just wish they where one wick not two, so they last longer
Luv the fragrance "High Maintenance." It was a housewarming gift years ago. My favorite scent. Cathedral was another fragrance I liked, but now discontinued.
This is the number one candle I have ever used! I burn it so often just to get a boast of freshness in the house. I have never experienced a candle like this before. I started buying them a little over a year ago and if I have not burned it in my house in a day or so, I still have friends and family tell me that my house smells better than anybody's house that ever been in. I love them! NEVER change the wonderful "Gardenia" It's smells just like I expect heaven to smell!!!!
I love these candles!! I have one in every room in our house....they make amazing gifts and will have these candles forever in our home!!!
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