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Tyler Glamorous Sachet/Dryer Sheets

The Tyler Glamorous Sachets are the perfect addition to your Tyler Glamour Wash. The Glamorous Sachets will help you add the luxurious Tyler scents to your clean laundry. These sachets may be reused to add fragrance and soften up to 8 loads of laundry.

The Tyler Sachets may also be used to fragrance your home while vacuuming. Simply place the sachet in the vacuum cleaner bag; the sachet will fragrance your home as you clean. The Glamorous Sachets may also be used to freshen up your personal items, such as, gym bags, lingerie drawers, trash pails, and many more.

The box includes 4 reusable Glamorous Dryer Sachets or enough for up to 8 loads of laundry per sachet.

Sachet Fragrance:
Tyler Candle Company
I made the mistake of thinking it was a rinse. I washed my stinky towels and put a little in rinse. My towels smelled like they came from the SPA! YOU NEED A RINSE.
A friend got me the Diva laundry detergent after I commented on the smell of her towels. I thought it was her perfume. I love it will be ordering more.
I smelled DIVA on a waitress last week. She had washed her shirt in it! She gave me the name of Tyler Candle Store. My order arrived today. I love EVERYTHING! My neighbor can smell it from my dryer vent! She LOVES it. THANK YOU! (Reordering already!!)
I absolutely fell in love with the scent “ High Maintenance”. The scent remained on my towels for months! I love it! A bit pricey, but i’m worth it! Treat yourself!!!
Love Love Love
I like the diva in all of my fragrances . Thanks I rate this a #5
What’s everyone’s favorite ?????

TylerCandleStore.com: DIVA!!! is #1
Lasts very long and smells really good
Love them for drawers and closet.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SACHETS AND LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!! I washed a comforter in High Maintenance a few years ago that hadn't been used and we moved and I had forgot about it, I got it out to use just this year and it STILL smelled like I had just used it that day!! The sachets are the same way, I put one in my husbands sock drawer a few years back and the sachet still smells!!! LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!!! Highly recommend!!!
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