Glamorous Pump


Glamorous Pump (1oz Per Pump) - (128oz/Gallon Bottles Only)

The Glamorous Pump is another great option for the 128oz bottles.  Each pump provides 1oz of Glamorous Wash and makes filling smaller containers a breeze. No more messy cleanup, the precision pump is just what many customers have been requesting.  The pump is for use on all 128oz/Gallon Glamorous Wash detergent bottles.  The pump is reusable and can be installed on most gallon size bottles.

Glamorous Wash is not included - pump only Exclusive


Genteel Products
Fits 128oz/Gallon Bottles
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
Just what I have been wanting 4 pumps of Glam Wash is all you need for a single load.
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  1. Unscrew the lid from 128oz Glamorous Wash bottle
  2. Remove the foil seal completely
  3. Screw on the Glamorous Pump
  4. Twist pump to unlock and begin using