My wife loves these products and Glamorous Wash is amazing, but be prepared to talk about it with everyone. People just seem to love the new Trophy fragrance.
I wanted something more manly and I texted the number and was recommended Icon and it is insanely good, It smells like a really nice cologne.
One day I decided to Google the best luxury laundry detergent and this company popped up. When I tell you I never leave reviews but I had to. For some reason I automatically knew I wanted to try the high maintenance and Man it lit my entire house up with washing just one load of clothes. At first I was a little skeptical about the price but when I tell you it is worth every penny. I am going to try all of the Scents one by one. Even my children are asking what’s that smell mommy and they are all under the age of 15 ! I think I started something???????? they have a customer for life I’m going to do some extra hours at work to help pay for this but it’s worth it!
I never write reviews, but had to for this product.
I have literally had people chase me down in the airport to ask me what perfume I'm wearing. The look of shock on their face when I tell them it is my laundry soap is priceless!
I almost exclusively wear workout clothes, and it seems the scent comes out more when they get sweaty. So instead of smelling bad, I smell even better!
I've never used any other scent than Diva, and probably wont even try. Why mess with perfection?
I wash my jog bras with DIVA and I get asked what perfume I use all the time. It was given to me as a gift and now I find out there are 12 fragrances!!! I can't wait to try them all.
I know High maintenance and Diva are the most popular but I LOVE Kathina and Trophy. They are both so clean and just amazing. I got them in a sampler votive package. after smelling them I just had to go crazy and get them in the gallons and it is so worth it!!
This product is a luxury product and it definitely smells like it! I LOVEEE Kathina.. Customer service helped me pick out some new fragrances and I can't wait for them to come in!
Tiktok did it again! I saw the Diva laundry soap on TT and had to try it. Wow, wow, wow I purchased the Diva wash and i absolutely love the smell and how different our clothes smell compared to the average clean laundry smell. I will admit I bought a gallon of Diva and I just purchased a sample pack, another Diva gallon, and a set of melts. I might just have to try every one. Hopefully the sample pack comes back in stock soon. Thank you Tyler for these magnifi-scent products!
I am glad to find a store I can count on for top quality products, I will never buy from Amazon again the product is just not the same and is very inconsistent. I think have the time it is conceit or watered down on Amazon. I only buy from TylerCandleStore.com now and the products have been excellent every time.
I have been using Diva Detergent for years. I can't count how many compliments I have received using Diva . My husband trains and teaches jujitsu. He recently came home and asked me, " what detergent do you use?" I immediately knew why he asked, i answered, DIVA BY TYLER COMPANY , why?? This is like the fourth person asking me what i wear, even after we " roll" for over an hr( my husband is a blackbelt and they go " hard" for hrs). The smell of Diva lingers even after hrs of " rolling " on a very very not so clean mat.
I have so many stories ; I had a sweatshirt that somehow stayed buried in my closet, finally found it so many months later. I smelled it and it smelled as if i FIRST washed it with Diva, which i didn't. I had my daughters teachers, my son's teachers come up to me and ask me what do i use for detergent. My sister introduced me to Diva and prior to that, i bought lots of detergents , even pricey ones that promised long lasting fabulous smell and cleaning strength, only to be disappointed because of the lack of ling lasting smell( wouldn't last for a , let alone months and months like Diva does). Diva literally makes me EXCITED to do my sheets, blankets, towels and clothes because of the amazing aroma it brings throughout my home, and when my windows are open , the smell comes out on my block where i live!!!
Diva detergent also cleans stains out and is the best detergent I have ever used. I am purchasing the diva candle today . Thank you for creating such a wonderful product(s).
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