Neighborly Fragrance Discoveries: Unveiling Glamorous Wash Tales

by Dan O
Tyler Glamorous Wash

The Scent Journey: Discovering Glamorous Wash through a Neighbor's Fragrance Tale

At, we're captivated by the unique tales that bring our scents into your lives. Today, we're sharing a delightful fragrance journey that began unexpectedly, carried by the wind from a neighbor's home to our customer's heart.

A Serendipitous Encounter

Picture an ordinary evening stroll where one of our dear customers, let's call her Emily, found herself enveloped in an exquisite aroma. As she passed by a neighbor's house, a gentle breeze carried a mesmerizing fragrance that caught her attention.

The Enchanting Trail

Following the scent trail, Emily was led to a source she didn't expect – her neighbor's dryer exhaust vent. There, she encountered an intoxicating blend of floral and woody notes that left her spellbound.

Curiosity Awakens Discovery

Intrigued and captivated, Emily couldn't resist inquiring about the delightful fragrance. Her neighbor generously revealed the secret behind the enchanting scent – Glamorous Wash from

A Fragrant Unveiling

Curiosity piqued, Emily wasted no time visiting our online store. Amongst the array of scents, she discovered the fragrance that had captured her senses. Upon receiving her Glamorous Wash, Emily embarked on a fragrant laundry journey, eager to infuse her fabrics with the same captivating scent.

An Everyday Enchantment

From that moment, every laundry day for Emily became a fragrant ritual. The scent that had traveled from her neighbor's dryer vent became a part of her daily life, enhancing the essence of her home and clothing.

Share Your Fragrance Tale

At, we believe in the magic of fragrance stories. Have you ever encountered a scent that left an indelible mark on your memory? We invite you to share your unique fragrance experiences in the comments below.

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I am brand new to High Maintenance laundry detergent. I heard about it from someone on facebook and decided to order some, as soon as I got it I started washing everything in it ( decorative towels, rugs etc ) so my house would smell like High Maintenance and yesterday when I decided I was going to mop my tile floors , I put a cap full in the mop water just to add that smell to the rest of the house. It worked, I walked down the hall yesterday and loved smelling it in the hallway. I am sold
My family is a member of a hunting club that has places to ride ATVs during the summer. As you can imagine, we don't exactly smell fresh and clean after riding ATVs in a creek in peak summer heat in Mississippi! Several years ago, a new family joined our camp, and I found myself following them around like a total creeper because they smelled so good! I finally apologized for being weird and asked what the scent was. That's when I learned about DIVA! I've been using it ever since.
This company doesn't even need ads to get customers- their products are SO good that word of mouth is inevitable!! I originally discovered TCC when I smelled something that is best described as smelling ~expensivvve~ I was in a client's home and HAD to know what the smell was, and, it was the Diva laundry detergent! It has been years now and the testament still stands- I am still constantly asked "What are you wearing? You smell so good!" and it is always so fun to hear, "Do I smell Diva?"-in a room full of people; its like being in a secret club lol. I am extremely sensitive to perfumes, to the point where I can't wear any without getting hives- but this detergent is somehow so gentle on my skin despite smelling amazing. The smell lasts forever, and so does the gallon (literally pays for itself because a little goes a long way). I genuinely could not say enough good things about this company and all of their products
I’m a firefighter and while I was on shift my Field Training Officer walked past me and I immediately smelled a captivating fragrance. I asked what kind of cologne he was wearing he said he doesn’t wear cologne and it’s his laundry detergent that his wife uses. I said call her and find out what it’s called, I have to know. She told him Glamourous Wash Diva scent. I immediately ordered some and now everyone that I encounter tells me they love my perfume, I tell them it’s my detergent. They all ask me where to order it. Even when I go trail running, mountain bikers tell me they have been smelling me for miles and they were trying to figure out where that scent was coming from!
This Glamorous TOTAL DIVA is the ultimate escape from a daily ritual. I smelled this delicious smell from my neighbor and could never determine what I was smelling. Once I figured out it was laundry soap I went directly to the web site and ordered. I have been a faithful customer ever since. I have a dog sitting business and this laundry soap is so beautiful and powerful it leaves my house smelling absolutely beautiful and never smells like a dog. On weekends I sell fragrance at the mall and only wear this laundry scent on my clothes. No matter where I go people ask me what I'm wearing I always say it's my laundry soap and share Tyler Candle Company website. It is the great scent! Rich and powerful demanding the attention of glamour and escape from the mundane chores of life
I was visiting my sister in Florida, she was washing clothes and I kept smelling this lovely scent, so, I asked her what kind of detergent/fabric softener she used, and she said it's Glamour Diva scent, just add it to the wash...I was hooked from then on and ordered it as soon as I got home. I also had several ladies at work ask me what scent I was wearing that was so lovely and wonderful. Thank you for such a lovely scent, it's wonderful, a customer for life now.
Wow!! I am addicted to Glam!! I smelled this scent on a friend of mine and had to place an order immediately. I purchased the car fresheners and use them in closets and drawers as well as my car. I love the laundry detergent and the room spray and now obsessed with the candle. I get compliments every time someone comes over to our house. I thought about trying the other scents but I just don’t know if I can sway!! Haha!! a
Growing up in a town where wealth was the norm, my family lived a more modest life. One night at a friend's house, they had a Tyler candle burning, and the scent filled the air. I was captivated, not just by the fragrance but also by the charming lid.

Back then, spending money on candles wasn't something we did. But from that moment on, I became a candle enthusiast. Years later, after landing my first big job, I treated myself to the same scented candle, Lipstick. I even remembered the name of the scent years later. It's not just a candle; it's a reminder of where I started and how far I've come. Thanks, Tyler Candle, for adding a touch of luxury to my everyday moments.
Several years ago I walked by a woman at work - she smelled so good I had to ask her about her perfume. Turns out it was her Diva laundry detergent. I immediately ordered some to try, and I have been using it ever since for all my exercise clothing. My exercise clothing NEVER smells of sweat and I can't begin to tell you how many people ask me about my perfume smell. They are some shocked when I tell them it is my laundry detergent. I wash my sweaters in Diva and it leaves them not only smelling great, but extremely soft. I also purchased the Diva candle. Whenever we cook something that will smell up the whole house I just light the Diva candle and in no time at all the house smells great. I give the Diva laundry detergent to my daughter for Christmas and she uses it in her laundry all the time too. Best kept secret!
I had my neighbors son stay at our house and take care of our dogs while we were away on vacation. He took some towels home to wash them and brought them back. I loved the scent so much I had to find out what they used. His mom told me about the Diva Glamorous Wash and I have bought it ever since. I had another friend of mine ask about it and I told her too! It is such a beautiful scent. I use it on my AirBnB linens!
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