These guys are the best and the Fragrances are like none I have ever dealt with. The Diva is the best and Kathina really smells nice as well. I have only used for about 6 months and I have to wash extra loads so my clothes are washed with the BEST smells. The customer service here is Exceptional and way above and beyond. Thanks so much!!!!!!
I love the Diva and High Maintenance! Everything smells so nice and stays that way. I used a blanket that I washed in Diva over a month ago. It smelled like it just came out of the dryer.

Do you have a description of the scents? I would like to see a vivid description of all the scents so I can decide what to try next and next.
I have bought your candle melts for about a year. I love the diva melts. I am going to try the the dryer sheets.I have never found any other candle melts as great as Tyler. Thanks for selling such a great product.
I received a Diva candle as a gift and searched for the company that made it because the scent definitely fills a room Fast! I have used Voluspa but this candle was much more intense, out shining any other candle I've ever used. I'm not necessarily in love with the floral scent of Diva But I knew that they probably had other scents that I would enjoy more. I'm ordering samples and am curious about the hand wash so ordering that too based on Scent descriptions. Seems like a good value for scented candles because I want to only have to burn one, not multiples, for the aroma.
They were quick to process and ship my order. The gallon of Glamorous Wash I bought came securely packaged. I immediately gathered up all the blankets in my house to wash and they smell divine!
I love, love eucalyptus, fleur de lis, mango tango laundry scents. I rotate these as I use them. However, today I thought I would mix with water and put it in my Hoover Floor Mate to clean my hard wood floors. I tested it first. LOW AND BEHOLD IT LEFT MY HARDWOOD FLOORS BEAUTIFUL. I THEN USED IT ON MY MARBLE FLOORS TOO. The house smells amazing, I used eucalyptus, and the floors are shiney too. This product is a no brainer to use.
i really tried not to get hooked on this prouduct, But i am, my daughter lives in texas, i live in shreveport, she asked me to pick her up a bottle of the Diva, i purchased me a small one at the time .but i picked up the wrong fragrance, i called the company, the lady was so nice , he sent me the fragrance, i will be purchasing more,thank you
I’m a travel surgical tech nurse and I found your wonderful detergent in the exotic store I love it my clothes are clean my whites are white the smell is so refreshing and white it’s not heavy I love your product it makes me feel cozy and comfy I wish everybody would sell it and now I just ordered Your dryer sachets I’m going to be in heaven I love love your product it’s better than tide
I ordered the Fragrance Fuel in "High Maintenance" and "French Market" for use in my Lampe Berger (TM) catalytic burner and these are the best fragrances I have ever used. They make my entire home smell heavenly. I LOVE both scents and will be ordering candles and other items in the future. So glad I found Tyler Candle Store!!!
Great service my items arrived sooner than expected! I love knowing that I'm getting a fresh product that hasn't been sitting on a shelf going rancid. Because it's a luxury item I decided to buy directly from the source and I am so happy with this amazing detergent! Stay Away From Amazon...
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