I washed a sweatshirt in the Diva scent in November of 2023, was moving so it was put in storage. I pulled it out to take on a trip and it was like it had been freshly washed! That’s 6 months! I used dryer balls in my dryer and put some on 2. It is amazing. I wish Tyler would make a scent infused dryer ball or fabric sheets!
Everyone, literally everyone, asks me “oh what cologne do you have on/what are you wearing, it smells so good!” And each time I’m so confused bc I don’t wear cologne and also haven’t done laundry in days lol. And then I remember.. it’s Diva Glamour Wash! Haha
I love Diva and High maintenance Glamor Wash! My 2 coworkers are moving soon and these 2 scents are going to make the best going away gifts!
I was On vacation in South Carolina after my son Tyler passed away at the age of 24. I walked into a store and there was the Tyler candle display, I bought the detergent and I love it , I am good advertisement, every where I go people ask why do I smell like that ? Then I tell them why and I also get talk about my son. I absolutely love this company .
I received the High Maintenance gift set for Christmas. The smell is amazing. I can't wait to try other scents. Highly recommend.
I was introduced to The laundry soap fragrance of High Maintenance from a friend in Colorado. She was doing her laundry the scent that was wafting through the house was amazing. I took a picture of the container and ordered the large 128 oz size. I have been hooked for 10 years and counting. I do all my linens with the High Maintenance scent. I have given all the different scents a try but always find High Maintenance is my favorite. I also give the sample size to my guests that stay with us. They always comment about how nice the sheets and pillows smell.
I had learned the company from a Uber rider.. smelled them and asked what the fragrance was.. they told me Tyler’s Candle laundry detergent.. I didn’t hesitate to find it on Amazon as it was shown to me.. ordered the High Maintenance brand and soon I was getting plenty of compliments on my clothing!! Best wash money can buy!!
Love the diva scent. I want to buy everything!
I have been a dedicated customer of Tyler Lauduary detergent since i learned about it from a Delta Airline Stewardess. I recently ordered a few of the trial packs to ensure i passed on to my friends the best gift they will receive in 2022, they will thank me!! when i had the 3 pack trial box sitting on my console in dinning room i could smell the scent from across the room and that just tells you how strong and amazing this product is. i can relate to the previous review of finding a sweatshirt you washed a month earlier and it still smells fabulous as if it was washed yesterday. I was recently on zoom for work meeting and held up the candle and laundry detergent to show my colleagues, an promised them all they would thank me forever if they tried this product. when i lay down at night to smell Diva, or Trophy, or Katrina ect you know your going to sleep well!! Lastly i even use a small amount in my steam cleaner which then makes my carpets smell good for 30 days or more. i love Tyler products and you will too!!
This is the ABSOLUTE ☆BEST☆ I have ever used!!!Highly recommend spending that extra buck as this is a bit more than the regular washing detergents you use however it is SO worth it you will NOT be disappointed! GODBLESS???????????? EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO AND DO ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS NOW,,LAUNDRY????????????
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