Today I received my order of diva washing liquid. I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your attention to my order and the problem I had with the shipping on the order form. You all acted courteously and promptly and with great care. My experience was nothing but stellar. I wanted you to know because often times we take the time to complain but not to thank. So please know I thank your whole crew and for those individuals that made my experience pleasant.
My family and I were searching for a new home. Went into one of the houses that had the best smell I had ever smelled in my life. We bought the house. I asked my real estate agent to ask the seller's agent what that smell was in the house. I was told it was Tyler's Diva. My home now constantly smells like Diva. Its the greatest smell ever.
Love these candles first discovered in a small botique while on vacation chose the princess scent and have never found a scent that comes close in any other candle regardless of price that truly refreshes your home in this clean scent way ! They are great i purchased one candle and some tart warmer disc fell in love with them but unfortunately have a hard time finding locally and would prefer not to have to buy 70 dollars for free shipping so I'm so glad to for the Memorial Day free ship offer ! I am concerned it seems the princess scent may becoming discontinued really haven't found another of Tyler scent that had that "clean not fake scent". Any suggestions? My hope is it is not discontinued!
I've been ordering from this company for many years and even though I could find a place here in town, it is actually easier to buy them here. I love the scent descriptions and because of this, I feel comfortable ordering a candle I have not smelled yet. I've never been disappointed. Their finial holders are gorgeous. I had one issue with an order and the owner himself took care of it. It was the second time I talked to him because he called me on my very first order during a high demand season. You do not get customer service like this anywhere. The prices are great and the shipping is fast. I have in fact stopped buying any other candle but this one and I consider myself a candle aficionado. Love this place and their candles. You won't be disappointed.
I just have to say I am in love with your candles. I got some a few years ago at a tanning salon that I had went to and when they closed their doors I couldn't find them any where and then I came across this store in Winston Salem NC where I live . I was so happy that I found them. This was a specialty store so they had a lot of fragrances to choose from and a wide arrangement of stuff you all sell. I am so hooked on these candles. They are way better than Yankee Candles or any of the other candles that are out here on the market. I love TYLER candles they are priced just right and oh my gosh the fragrances you all have are AWESOME. Thank you TYLER CANDLES. P.S. please do not stop making paparazzi
I have been in love with the Original fragrance for nearly 10 years, after receiving a candle as a gift!
Thank you for the free shipping coupon, and I ordered 4 candles to take advantage of this offer...
Tyler candles are the best and one will provide fragrance for many hours and permeate to nearly every room in my home. Thank you for providing such a quality candle!
Yours truly,
I just want to thank your company whole-heartedly for making good on my damaged order!! I was not expecting such prompt and professional service but I am thrilled you proved me wrong. I will promise to recommend you to every possible person from here forth who is looking for a reliable company to order their Tyler products through! THANK YOU!
This is the best customer service I have ever experience and they are so helpful when you have a question.
I love their selection of products, I can find everything in one place and their prices are great!!!
Great customer service and fast free shipping, I love this store, it is the only place I use to purchase Tyler Candles.
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