Tyler Candles

What happened to Cuddle scent? Did you change the name? Really like this one.
I was at a community event and bid on a Tyler Candle basket. I WON. Took the candles home and now my whole house smells wonderful. Tyler Candles is an excellent product and when I run out of what I have I will be sure to purchase more.
Love the vanilla & oak....wonderful fragrance that permeates the house almost as soon as lit...i will buy these over bath & body works & Yankee candle co.
Someone gave me a Tyler Candle and it was the best candle I ever had. It makes my house smell so good even 2 days after I burned it. You win't be disappointed.
I bought 2 Tyler candles yesterday at a small store named A Girl's Treasure in Comer Georgia. I fell in love with these candles. They are long burning and beautifully fragranced. I will going to get a 3rd one today if I can get there before they close.
To have nice candles so my house can smell good.
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