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Original products for sure but slow shipping!!
Just a comment on ALL Tyler Candles! As a retailer, back 14 years ago,Tyler was a top seller for me. Diva,High maintenance, were by far some top sellers.But,My favorite,especially in the Fall season was ( Apple Orchard) which you discontinued years back.I wish you would bring it back! I would be a load voice for you on this one.Love the High Maintenance fabric laundry wash.
I received a Diva candle Christmas 2020. This past Christmas I gave them as gifts. I ordered more for myself and have different scents all over the house (French Market, Mediterranean Fig, Patchouli, and Hippie Chick). I don’t even have to light them for their scent to come alive, just open the box! I bought them in the single votives to try them out. I’ll buy more in the future. These are the best candles I’ve ever had!
Beautiful Candles

Hi, my name is Debby Turkington. Six and a half years ago our oldest son (Tyler) died as a result of a tragic accident on the North Fork of the Flathead River in Glacier National Park. Ironically, the last gift that Tyler gave me was a candle (different brand). In early December I made a trip back to my small hometown (Jesup, GA) for the first time since my Mom passed away for a girl cousin reunion. Since there were many new stores and the town was thriving in a way I haven't seen in quite a while, we decided to go into every store on the Main Street. While walking through one particular store, I was overcome by a sense of melancholy. Not wanting to ruin the good mood of everyone else, I took a different turn. As I turned the corner I thought that I must have imagined what was in front of me. It was a very large, very red display of Tyler candles. I and the two cousins closest to me all had tears in our eyes. I am pretty sure that my Tyler had a hand in guiding me to that store and to that display. It soothes my aching heart. I wanted you to hear my little Christmas story and to know how much my candle means to me. Needless to say my closest friends all got "Tyler" candles for Christmas. And I've had nothing but "Thank You" from each. Thank you.
One of the best candles. The fragrance lifted my spirits and put me in a better head space. It is such a pleasant scent.

My sister totaled out her car about 6 months ago and when we went to retrieve her things. This candle was in the console. I was immediately attracted to the top of it as I love animal print. So I picked it up and smelled it and loved the scent so much that I asked my sister if I could have it. She said sure. It sat in my car for awhile and then one day I opened it again and rubbed my finger across the top of the candle and didn’t think much of it and ended up going in a store and I smelled something so nice and it was my finger that was still smelling so good from the candle. So I went home and took the candle in and lit it. To my surprise my whole living area was smelling so amazing. I fell in love. So now I am trying to get this same candle and am having a bit of trouble trying to get the same scent. I don’t see it. I will just purchase something as I’m sure I will love it!! Thanks for making such a beautiful great quality product that I am just so happy to happen to stumble upon!!
I’ve been looking everywhere for the wax melts that I bought in Louisiana on vacation two years ago. Scent is Fleur De Lis. I can’t wait to try more scents.
I love the scents of these candles - beach blonde is my fav - only downside is that the candles contain paraffin wax -
I recd gift of High Maintenance Dryer sheets and detergent. Love the scent. Does tyler offer samples of their scents? I ordered set of 4 votives in hopes of trying one of each scent. I didn't find a way to do that. Can you? I'm also interested in oils and soaps?
Do you still sell the Girly Girl scent? Totally love that one.
This company is amazing and has such wonderful customer service. I am so in love with their products! My whole house smells fantastic.
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