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So, Anyway... I am stopped repeatedly when I am out and about doing errands, Dr appts and just living by people sniffing the air and asking “Who smells so good” or “What am I smelling” I just giggle and say “ It’s Me, my Laundry Detergent, isn’t it Delicious”.I then share the information Tyler Candle, Glamorous Wash the Diva scent. Today 2/25/2019 I had an employee of the Pharmacy I buy my meds from come up to me and say” I just have to ask what you have on?” I am taking a Phlebotomy class and told her “Scrubs”. She said no the fragrance you are wearing. Well you know the rest, told her about Glamour Wash- Diva and she like me cannot wear perfume but this product is AMAZING and will not be able to use anything else. I Am Hooked ❣️
I am a flight attendant and as I walked through the cabin on a red eye flight, I kept catching a familiar and nostalgic scent, that I couldn't place why it was familiar to me. I just kept getting a comforting feeling when I caught the scent. Later in the flight I passed a customer walking down the aisle and immediately recognized the smell was coming from her and then I suddenly remembered that mom uses the Diva Glamorous Wash on bedding, towels and linens and that comforting feeling came because that smell reminds me of my mom. I've started washing my uniform shirt and undershirts with Diva so I can feel mom with me every time I fly. The scent is bold and luxurious without overpowering. I've already had people stop and try to figure out what it is that smells so good. I just hold my arm up to them to smell the sleeve and say "It's my diva wash!" I know i'm driving new revenue streams promoting the product to the countless people that catch the scent and ask me about it.
Oh my goodness I really love it, yes. I am trying to find a ace mart again that sell it. Cause the one by my home closed down.
I met a lady at a softball tournament in OKC with clothes washed in High Maintenance. The fragrance kept coming and going until it finally came back and I asked the lady what kind of perfume she was wearing. I haven't been able in to wear perfume in many years so I thought I'd found the perfect perfume for me, except it was laundry soap! I bought the detergent while I was sitting in the stands and it was waiting for me when I got back home to Denver. LOVE IT!
I started using DIVA about 9 months ago. Each week I have someone stop me and ask me what fragrance I am wearing. I laugh and tell them it is my laundry detergent. My daughter came for a visit and said our home smells different. I use the saches in my vacuum and the whole house smells fresh. Love, love this product.
Love this product
I am a 73 year old man, and within the past six months, I have been stopped no less than 14 times to have someone ask what is the after shave or cologne that I have one me. I tell them it is laundry soap, and specifically, Glamourous Wash - DIVA. then I show them the picture on my phone and tell them how to order this product. my sheets, and all my clothing is washed with a generous amount of DIVA and all through each day, the fragrance is very evident. In restaurants, in grocery stores, in church, while visiting friends and relatives, and even at an amusement park. Even a fireman approached me and put his face into my shoulder to catch a closer smell. Everyone, you need to get on the DIVA train............
I Like the smell of High Maintenance Wash
I received a gift set from a friend and the DIVA laundry detergent absolutely changed my life. Rarely do I find products that impress like this!
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