Tyler Laundry Products

Funny story I wanted to share with this company. When I was in 2nd grade I got to sit by Earl and he smelled SO GOOD! Everything he had smelled good... even his crayon box. Anyway so we grow up and I realize it was his laundry that smelled so good and I've tried everything to get my laundry to smell good like Earl!!!! Nothing came close! So I was working with a 98 year old lady this week and she smelled just like Earl!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! So I asked her daughter what she washes her mothers clothes in and it's called DIVA!!!! I found it !!!! I found the smell of Earl!!!!! Can't wait to start using me some Diva!!!! Enjoy
I fell in love with the fragrant sheets and towels while a guest at the home of friends. I couldn't wait to order my own and now feel like a guest at home!!
Love the laundry detergent!
Tyler Laundry Detergent is the absolute best you can buy and the fragrances are incredibly strong.
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