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I fell in love with Diva about a year ago, I've had so many ladies ask what is that your wearing? I also like the fact that even after several washes the sent is still in my clothes.
I feel so lucky to have found this laundry detergent. I was flying on American Airlines or it might have been delta, and flight attendant walked by me and smelled so amazing. I asked her what perfume are you wearing and she said I’m not it’s my laundry detergent called Glamorous Diva by Tyler!! I didn’t believe it at first but she raves about this product and I decided to take her advice. I can’t say enough about this miracle detergent and how you can put on best clothes or lounge wear and smell like no one else, you will be center of everyone’s smell. You remember they used to say a cologne and perfume attracted the opposite sex, well you do not have to look anymore this is your go too for that!! Thank you for making this amazing, fabulous product. I’m a Glam Diva user for life!????
Hi, I have a friend at work (Emergency Room, so you can imagine what all we smell) who always smelled so good, so I asked her what she washed her clothes in and she told me Tyler Glamorous Wash Diva and even High Maintenance. So I bought some. I love the smell but after I get it out of the dryer I DO NOT smell it on my scrubs any longer! I even use the sachets in the dryer as a softener. I put the ⅓ cup per manufacturer instructions in and NO other fabric softener. So can anyone tell me why? I don't want to keep paying the price for this if I can't get that fresh clean smell. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!

TylerCandleStore.com: Petrena, I do not see that you purchased Glamorous Wash from us. I would recommend only purchasing from an authorized retailer and stay away from all market places such as Amazon, ebay, Wal-Mart, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot contact you since we have no contact information.
Love the scent! Work in wallmart and EVERYONE stops me or follows me all over the store to ask me what I am wearing. I tell the Diva scent from Tyler candle company laundry detergent. I wash all our clothes in it even my husbands. Women stop him all the time.
I wish your 1/2-gallon container came with a pump or something to control the mess and flow. Love your detergent otherwise!
I absolutely love Diva Laundry Detergent! My clothes and sheets smell delightful when I use it. But please, please, Tyler, make a liquid fabric softener! I have the softener bags, but I only put about half of my laundry in the dryer. For the clothing items I hang to dry, I have not come up with a solution to have soft clothing but retain that wonderful Diva smell. Using other brands of softener replaces the Diva scent with the softener scent. Help!
I just got some. How much should I use? Should I use it by itself or with unscented detergent?

TylerCandleStore.com: 1/3 of a Cup per load and do not mix with any other detergents.
I just wish you would have Fabric softener too!!! ????

TylerCandleStore.com: The Dryer Sachets work well to soften fabric as well.
OMG!!! I'm a teacher and one of my kids always smelt so good and i mean all day good. When i would change his diaper all i could smell was him and not the poopie diapers. I would just grab him and smell his shirt all day, his nap sheet and blanket was just awesome. Finally iask his mother what do you use? She told me, and months went by. Finally teacher appreciation week she gives me 2 sample bottles and the candles as a gift. Best gift ever! I came home week day and did a load of laundry, and my whole house smelt fabulous. So guess you now has a bottle of diva glamorous wash? You don't even have to use just that. Add it to you regular soap and it will do its job. Check this product out, they have it in everything. The candles are the best as well.
Here I am writing a review of all things for laundry detergent! Yep, Tyler candles DIVA laundry detergent- the scent unexpectedly showed up when I purchased two shirts from Poshmark and when I took the shirts out ‘the smell’ well it’s incredible! I do not like perfumes more of an essential oil , natural smell person- most perfumes smell artificial and wear off within a few hours, I messaged the seller of my purchase and she was gracious enough to share her mesmerizing clothing smell- I immediately purchased on a whim, what a happy whim!! Totally feel lucky having received it today- when people have written ‘life changing’ i cracked up, well it’s life changing I’m rewashing my already clean bedding! The smell is fresh/clean and reminds me of sweet honey with a bit of musk and amber (delicious and fresh)- I used 2 cap fulls, for a full load with my inscented normal laundry detergent- I too am one of the many who totally is addicted now- Already shopping for a larger size ( ordered the 16oz/ was not sure of the smell she suggested was ‘that smell’- worth every penny!!! Thank you for an amazing product!
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