Tyler Laundry Products

Love in hot & humid Savannah Ga. Diva glamorous wash keeps our clothes smelling great all day !
Don't know how we went this long without it.
Put it in fabric softener dish of washer and use regular laundry detergent to make it go further.
Men & women here use it.
Many Thanks!!!!!
Y'all... How did I go this long without absolutely dousing my life in Tyler laundry detergents!??

I'm living for the Trophy scent right now (would LOVE to get sachets!) but I also really love High Maintenance -- absolutely on my way to try all of them! ~♡
My family has been using Tyler Glam Wash for many years and I can tell you we are never without it. I’d like to address any questions regarding not smelling the scent after drying. We use an unscented regular detergent, and put the Tyler Glam Wash in the Fabric Softener slot of our washing machine. By doing this, we get a stronger smell and use less with each wash! We use the Glam Wash in every single load of laundry so our home always smells amazing. Mistakingly purchased the Kathina scent this last time and mixed the Diva with Kathina and we’re in love with the blended scent. My family has always been complimented on our smell, but now with the mixed scents, we literally have people following us around. Our home of 4 smells amazing, and with a ton of laundry, we don’t have to use candles, or plug in scents, just do laundry and our home smells fantastic!
All products are underrated they should be 10+ I get asked so many times what perfume are you wear , I say I am not wearing perfume its my laundry soap.
See i work in assisted living area and alot of them say that smell is beautiful it brings back children hood memories. So i have shared them this web site and they are passing it on to there children and grandchildren. I get asked so many times. And when people come in to may house they also ask.
I love all your products and will pass it on to how ever askes..
Thank you for making such amazing scents and products!
Was given to me as a gift, I saved it and used it on guest bedding and towels. Smelled so good, I decided I too was worthy of this and your clothes and bedding smell so good, it just makes you feel special…..I’m using it, I’m wort it!!!!
Best smelling detergent out there! I love these products. When I do laundry, my husband asks if I’m “using the good stuff.”
I love the glamorous wash diva. I was so impressed that I have used this for the first time and I am writing a review. It is hard to find a detergent that washes your clothes and has a great scent that is so strong after you dry your clothes. I highly recommend this detergent!!! Love, love, love it!!!!!
Love the smell just so expensive!!!
I have used Diva and French Market for many years but my recent purchase doesn’t leave any smell in my clothes after dryer. What could be wrong?
I work in an Emergency Room and my coworkers and patients always ask me what I'm wearing that smells so good. I just tell them my Laundry soap{Diva}. My coworkers also say they know when I'm coming because they can smell me, its hilarious. I just wish you could make a fabric softner and reg dryer sheets because the sachets do not last very long. Right now I put the sachets in the dryer but also downy scent free dryer sheets so I do not get any static cling but keep the smell of the Tyler wash.
I do have a question though, if I use another scent what will the clothes, towels, sheets, whatever smell like?
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