Wash Sample Sets

TylerCandleStore is one of the largest, most reputable dealers of Tyler Candle Company products. You can count on their products to be genuine and fresh, unlike unauthorized sellers on Amazon and other sites. They offer a huge selection of Tyler products at fair prices and often run promotions. I value communication and TylerCandleStore provides several ways to get in contact with them. Rest assured when you buy from TylerCandleStore you are buying the best their is.
I LOVE LOVE this product and customer service is top notch! Thank you!
I would rather spend ALOT of money for all tyler candles products, so the scent stays forever in my house, than cheaper scents that doesn't last long. Diva is my all time favorite!! Please......always keep this scent!????.....
Fabulous.....wash 100%
Love Love Love the detergents! I’m also a huge fan of the candles. ❤️
I have bought the the Diva laundry detergent for myself & given as presents....I wish I could uploads of videos from friends that I have given them a sample to. They love it!!!!
Glamorous Wash is the best.......I love the new Trophy fragrance!!
I rated this a 5 because I don't want anyone to think Tyler candle has done anything for a low rating! I'm very disappointed that I can no longer buy French vanilla oak. That was an awesome scent!
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