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3.4oz Candle - Twentyfourseven Glam®

Tyler Candle Company, TWENTYFOURSEVEN GLAM®, 803821301390, 3139
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Twentyfourseven Glam® 3.4 oz | 1-Wick | Tyler Candle

Tyler's 3.4 oz candles are great for filling all your midsize household rooms! These 3.4 oz candles are delicately hand-poured and made in the USA with a soy, paraffin wax blend. 

Fragrance Description

Twentyfourseven Glam® A truly dramatic feature! For the women to which glamour is not an option, but a true necessity! Who would simply just NEVER.........Voluptuous vetiver, vanilla and heliotrope combined with violet and jasmine make up the heart of this creation, then mandarin, succulent peaches & green ivy complete the soul!

Fragrance Collection:
Tylers Home Fragrance
Tyler Candle Company
Container Style:
Clear Glass
3 oz. Glass Jar
Product Origin:
Made in the USA
Another fantastic candle, courtesy the Tyler Candle company. Twentyfourseven is a rich, fruity scent, with a sweetness that is not cloying. The sweetness evokes sitting next to a bowl of fresh, ripening fruit. The mandarin and peach notes are juicy and real. The heliotrope note is a delightful vanilla/almond floral, comforting and soft. There is a feeling I get when I burn Twentyfourseven: it reminds me of church incense. But it is much softer, not as formal, and is more fresh. The vetiver, a green note, is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the fruit, and the vanilla. Twentyfourseven is my new "right before bed" candle. It would also be a good choice for a bubble bath candle. The scent's serene quality seems to say "hey- everything is alright." I'll be getting a larger size of Twentyfourseven, for sure. Thanks again, Tyler Candle, for making such a great product! :)