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Tyler Candle Mixer Melt Sampler # 2 Pack of 8

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Tyler Candle Mixer Melt Sampler Set #2 of 8

Sample Pack #2 Includes: Fleur De Lis, High Maintenance, Regal, Kathina, Pineapple Crush, Tyler, Twentyfourseven Glam & Warm Sugar Cookie

  1. FLEUR DE LIS® - GOLDEN - A timeless fragrance with a heady, sun-kissed feel wrapped in the exotic lushness of faraway lands. Tart pomegranates create the mysterious heart of the amazing fragrance. An elixir for the senses!
  2. WARM SUGAR COOKIE™ - TAN - Always in our top three year round! Rich sugar cookies baking in the oven with zero fat grams!!!
  3. TWENTYFOURSEVENGLAM® - APOLLO GOLD - A truly dramatic feature! For the women to which glamour is not an option, but a true necessity! Who would simply just NEVER.........Voluptuous vetiver, vanilla and heliotrope combined with violet and jasmine make up the heart of this creation, then mandarin, succulent peaches & green ivy complete the soul!
  4. TYLER™ - CAMILLA SAGE - Bursting with the medley of currant & grapefruit. A dash of green undertones adds an opulent twist! Firmly grounded with confidence!
  5. PINEAPPLE CRUSH® - PINEAPPLE - A tantalizing burst of fresh sweet pineapple. Truly mouthwatering!
  6. KATHINA® - RUBY RED - Sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus and rose. Very dramatic and overdone!!
  7. HIGH MAINTENANCE® - KHAKI - Our #1 fragrance!! Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone! Very sophisticated and truly addictive!!!!!!!
  8. REGAL® - WHITE - Saffron, and Jasmine begin this exquisite fragrance! Amberwood & Ambergris meld into Fir & Cedar! Very intoxicating & dramatic!! Dedicated to & inspired by the person who teaches you how to be your best self!!!!

The Sample Packs make great gifts. Don't forget to add other fabulous fragrances to your order!     By Choosing this pack of 8 you can try 8 of the Top 16 fragrances.

Note: Please no substitutions on the sampler packs. No returns or exchanges.

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