Tyler Candle Votive Sampler Pack of 8 #1


Tyler Candle Votive Sampler Set of 8

If you're new to Tyler Candle Co., votives are the best way to easily discover your favorite Tyler Candle fragrance.  The votives are perfect for all of your decorative votive holders and allow you to easily spread the rich fragrances throughout your home.  There are 3 different packs available in the Set of 8.

 Burn Time: 15 to 20 hours per Votive

Sample Pack #1 includes: Diva, Dolce Vita, French Market, Icon, Limelight, Mediterranean Fig, Trophy & Orange Vanilla (Substitutions will be made if a fragrance is out of stock)


Note: Sampler Sets of 8 are available for quick shipment (within 2 business days) if ordered alone. Please no substitutions.  No Saturday or Sunday shipping. No returns or exchanges on Sampler Sets

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