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Tyler Chambre Parfum - 4oz Room Spray

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Tyler Chambre Room Parfum (Room Spray) 

Tyler Chambre Parfum allows you to freshen up any room and immediately fill it with your favorite Tyler scent. Whether it is your living room, dorm room, or office, the Tyler Chambre Parfum will let you instantly experience the rich, aromatic Tyler fragrances.

A popular Chambre Parfum scent is Pineapple Crush, a mouthwatering burst of fresh sweet pineapple. A little spray goes a long way!


Size: 4 oz.

Room Spray Scents:
Tyler Candle Company
9.0 oz
Is it me or do these new Tyler Chambre Room Parfum can feel empty as well dont last long. If possible please bring back the original black and gold print can. I'm not a fan of the new can,but im still using the products because its amazing.
So I bought the larger cans in Diva several years ago and it seemed to last for hours after I would spray it. The smaller cans in Diva that I bought recently doesn't seem to have the lasting power the older, larger spray cans had.......am I the only one that has noticed this?
Your air freshener scents all I can say is are simply divine! I am hooked! Thank you!
linda jacob
I ordered the spray "diva" & its wonderful. the smell is a little strong but last awhile & spreads to other rooms...love it
We bought our first spray in June of 2012 and we are finally using the last of it a year later. It knocks out ANY unpleasant scent in seconds and smells AMAZING!